Empowering you to take control of your health

We are a community of support, expertise, and resources for those seeking to begin a health journey.

The Seven Movements Wellness Collective

Your days of struggling to be consistent in your health habits are over

Our mission is to create a one-stop-shop for your well-being.  A place you can find information, have the support of a community, and access to resources that help you take control of your health.

We didn't want to do this all alone so we invited some of our favorite partners to join us and form the Seven Movements Wellness Collective.

Start your journey today.

Who are we?

Hey there, we are John and Dan, the founders of Seven Movements.  (Trust us, John is not this intense ;P) We have created this collective as an antidote to the over-complicated health solutions that we see overwhelming our clients every day.

In the community, you will discover the power of community, expertise, and SIMPLICITY.

With over 40 years of combined experience in health and exercise, we have put together the dream team of health experts, resources, and programs that allow you to take control of your health.

Get started today and build your free Seven Movements Wellness Plan and then use the free community for the accountability and support you need to be consistent once and for all.

What are Seven Movements Participants Saying?


What to expect?

Joining the Community

  • Joining the community is 100% FREE
  • Create your profile and start engaging with the community
  • Free Courses and Challenges
  • Live Q & A's and webinars with coaches from the collective
  • Access to Change in 30 Group program ($)
  • Access to Health and Exercise Coaching ($)
  • Access to Dietitian support ($) through our partners Seven Days Healthy
  • Access to Mental health Support ($) through our partners at REACH Trauma

Take the free " Build your Wellness Plan" course

The course will:

  • Help you identify SMART goals for your health
  • Introduce you to the Seven Movements Wellness Filter: Eat - Think - Move - Recover
  • Help you identify the habits and behaviors you need to implement in order to accomplish your goals
  • Help you identify the habits and behaviors you need to eliminate in order to accomplish your S goals
  • Help you understand how to create your unique strategy to be consistent with your new habits and behaviors
  • Building your plan with this course and utilizing the support of the community and the live coaching Q & A's give you all the tools you need to successfully take control of your health. All for FREE

Courses and Programs

Need additional support?

  • Participate in our online course designed to help you build a movement habit at work by micro-dosing movement into your workday ($)
  • Need accountability and support changing those habits and behaviors identified in your Seven Movements Wellness Plan?  Join our monthly Change in 30 program for additional support, accountability, and community. ($)
  • Need an exercise program and love this Micro-dosing movement thing at home.  Try one of our Seven Movements Daily Dose programs ($)
  • Suffering long covid symptoms?  Join our long covid program to work your way back through micro-dosing recovery and movement into your day (free & $)
  • Mental health programs and courses from our partners at REACH Trauma ( free & $)
  • Nutrition programs and courses from our partners at Seven Days Healthy (Free & $)

Coaching Support

  • Get 1:1 coaching from a Seven Movements Health and Exercise coach ($)
  • The best place to start is our Kickstart program which program gives you 2 sessions with a health coach to go over your wellness plan, refine it, and develop a plan of action.
  • That plan of action might include 1:1 exercise coaching with Seven Movements, Dietitian support from our partners at Seven Days Healthy, or Mental Health support from our partners over at REACH Trauma ($)
  • The good news is you will be able to work with your health coach to identify the supports you need in order to move forward
  • Coaching is all done virtually so you can see all of your coaches from the comfort of your own home
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